Apr 182012
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Mickey Mouse Caramel Apple

Mickey Mouse Caramel Apple

A caramel apple decorated to look like your favorite mouse


  1. 1 large stick about 8" in length
  2. 1 large firm tart green apple
  3. 2 white marshmallows
  4. caramels preferably vanilla - to be melted
  5. dark chocolate - to be melted
  6. vanilla icing
  7. red sprinkles
  8. 2 yellow jelly beans, preferably mini-sized
  9. 1 large white paper cupcake liner


  1. Insert stick firmly into the center of the apple.
  2. Follow package directions for melting caramel.
  3. Dip whole apple into melted caramel.
  4. Let harden.
  5. Attach two marshmallows to top of apple about 2" apart using vanilla icing as cement.
  6. Let set.
  7. Follow package for melting dark chocolate.
  8. Dip whole apple and marshmallows into chocolate.
  9. Let harden firmly.
  10. Cover bottom half of apple with white icing cement.
  11. Apply red sprinkles immediately.
  12. Attach two jellybeans to top of sprinkled surface vertical to space between marshmallows.
  13. Place on cupcake liner.